Curious and versatile, over the years, Dominique has accumulated a great deal of experience in many areas, whether as a speaker, coordinator, screenwriter, director, researcher, columnist or graphic designer. Constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and driven by an insatiable desire to showcase the people, businesses and events that inspire him, he has directed more than 300 TV reports that promote exemplary initiatives by citizens and institutions that, in their own way, help change the world in a positive way.

As Vice President for Coeur à l’ouvrage (meaning “Heart at work”), a company that specializes in the creative integration of physical activity in life and work, Dominique has used his skills to help develop unique and original services aimed at making business meetings and corporate events more active, productive and memorable. In a world characterized by novelty at all costs and an ever-increasing pace of life, Dominique believes it is it is imperative to “think differently” in order to be able to stand out and capture the attention and interest of participants and attendees at business meetings.

After helping energize several hundred private, corporate and associative events at venues such as the Québec City Convention Center, the Fairmont Château Frontenac and the Hilton Quebec to stand out thanks to a unique, experiential and collaborative partnership, Coeur à l’ouvrage has become a must-have ally in helping event organizers and meeting planners to make their event an experience.