An event planner with 25 years in the event industry, Sandra has always been passionate about the environmental impact of meetings. She worked to bring this issue to the industry after being introduced to industry pioneers at MeetGreen in Portland, Oregon.  Sandra learned that others shared her desire to help move the industry forward and, as a result, she became very active with the Green Meeting Industry Council.  In 2015,Sandra was recognized by M&IT Magazine as an industry innovator for her work on food waste.  Food waste was an issue that always troubled Sandra having thrown out food at an event only to walk back to her hotel one evening and pass some homeless people on the street.  She has never forgotten that moment and when she learned of a food waste recovery program running successfully in Quebec, she pursued them and brought that program into the events she worked on.  While not a perfect solution, it was a start and showed Sandra that meeting planners can make a difference, that we must push hard and ask for change, but we must also be realistic in what we ask.  To see food waste getting momentum in this industry is quite simply “FANTASTIC”.  Together we really can move the dial on this important issue.