Member                                                                         Planner                                Supplier

Early Bird Gets The Worm (tier 1)                                  $200 (SOLD OUT)              $400 (SOLD OUT)
It's Not Too Late To Save (tier 2)                                    $300                                       $500  (SOLD OUT)
We're Filling Up, Don't Miss Out (tier 3)                      $400                                       $600

One Tier, One Rate                                                            $600                                       $900
*Includes Full Yearly MPI Preferred Membership.

Student Member   


Rendezvous Friday Night After Party                  $75                                         $75
*hosted by (and all proceeds going to) the MPI Foundation 

 MPI Ottawa’s Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID)                     Register  HERE 

* Thursday, April 12th from 3-8pm at the Brookstreet Hotel. 
* GMID will transition right into the EVENT’s opening mixer. 

the EVENT is offering a tiered registration format. TIER ONE - 50 planners and 50 suppliers get the best rates.  TIER TWO - 50 planners and 50 suppliers get discounted rates. TIER THREE - Full Pricing