Janice Cardinale – Entrepreneur, Visionary, Owner and Founder, The Idea Hunter

Janice is a Chief Idea Hunter and a passionate leader and changemaker in the event industry. She loves to hunt for new ideas, innovations and pure talent that creates shock value, while collaborating with young urban talent who she can mentor. She is never afraid to push the boundaries, take risks and make bold statements. At heart, her greatest love is to give back to the

event community through networking and sponsoring events. She is the board chair for Seneca’s event design and management program and is a sought after speaker and writer on trends.  Janice is very charitable and would rather give than receive.  She is a proud member of MPI and Tourism Toronto.  She has won awards for leadership, innovation, recognized by Lux Life magazine for being a leading entertainment company in Ontario, and was named one of 17 of Canada’s leading influencers in the industry. She has made the Biz Bash list 2 years in a row and also the Hot list 3 years in a row. She has volunteered for the chapter and recently joined one of the MPI International boards and continues to advocate for MPI and the Toronto chapter.