Laura Cannone – GG Media Group

Laura Cannone is one of the masterminds and creators behind The Glama Gal Kids spa brand which launched in 2006, with multiple franchised locations across Ontario. Over the past 13 years she has gained experience and knowledge in franchising, entrepreneurial and social media relations. In 2014, her and her sister created The GG Sisters social media channels; allowing the public a glimpse into their parenting and entrepreneurship lifestyle.  What began as a way to share the ins and outs of daily entrepreneur life, has amassed to an amazing community of thousands of people who follow their daily struggles and triumphs on social media. Building on their success, in 2018 The GG Sisters created The GG Media group, which is a full social media company that works with and educates brands and influencers on how to navigate the social media world. They are now the leading voices for both parenting and entrepreneurial advice online and offline. With this wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge, The GG Sisters have built businesses, families, and share it all.