Melissa Majors – CEO Melissa Majors Consulting – Closing Keynote Storyteller

Melissa Majors. CEO of Melissa Majors Consulting, is an innovator and optimizer of education, inclusion, & events strategies.

This crowd-pleasing speaker and coach has mastered the art of delivering brain-friendly talks that engage her audiences and spark not just inspiration, but action as well.

Melissa’s belief that inspiration awaits in the audience, led to the creation of Community Keynotes. A TED-style experience that prepares and features community members as keynote speakers.

Melissa has been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, Smart Meetings, The Meeting Professional, NorthStar Meetings Group’s Eventful Podcast, The Event DR, and on the keynote stage at events such as Meeting professional’s International’s WEC, The Northwest Event Show, Catalyst Events, HD Vest’s Connect, and many more.

Closing Keynote Storyteller