Zainab Muse – Wingd

Zainab Muse is a strategist, author, and interactive digital media expert. She is the founder & CEO of Wingd Inc. and Creatorland. Some of her core mandates include advocating for youth leadership, women & newcomer entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and diversity in the workplace.

As a young entrepreneur, she trailblazes by ushering in innovative strategies to businesses and organizations she works with and stands out with her cross-disciplinary knowledge & skill set. Her ability to lead and execute strategies effectively has taken her to several spaces in the field of media, tourism, technology & social enterprises.

Zainab is continuously recognized as a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and has led many panel discussions, guest speaking roles and workshops on this topic. Her work has been supported by various media outlets, and key officials in the city of Ottawa including the Mayor. Not only has she been recognized as an Ottawa ambassador, she was also recently named one of the “Top 10 Shifters in Ottawa” in 2018.