What is the Initiative?

The EVENT has a goal of a Planner/Supplier participant ratio of 1:1. In striving for this goal we understand that there is a strong need to assist Planner registration to help move numbers in our intended direction, creating an increase in ROI for all attendees.  the INITIATIVE covered the cost of over 50 planner per year to attend the EVENT without registration cost.  Our Goal is for those numbers to grow in 2020.

What's in it for Suppliers?

Planner recipients are chosen based on a list of strict criteria structured around their ability to enter business relationships with supplier attendees. We understand that you need to see ROI!

The INITIATIVE is a great opportunity to become a strategic partner with the EVENT without having to engage in one of our larger partnership packages. We strive to make partnership opportunities for all budgets.

♦ One exclusive invite to Friday evening INITIATIVE networking reception & the INITIATIVE breakfast on Saturday morning (open only to program partners and recipients). That's over 2 hours of networking with guaranteed 2:1 Planner to Supplier ratio.
♦ Your contribution is pooled to sponsor all planner recipients meaning you are not limited to one planner.
♦ Logo acknowledgement of program support during the EVENT.
♦ Your Logo blasted out pre/post on all the EVENT Social Media channels (a lot of people follow us)!


What's in it for Planners?

We understand that planner education budgets are not always available.  That should not hold you back from getting great education.

♦ Access to Award Winning Education & Experiential Learning without registration cost
♦ No Awkward "hosted buyer" match-ups; all suppliers sponsor all planners
♦ Invite to Friday evening networking & recognition reception; and Saturday Morning Networking Breakfast
♦ Save Money and strengthen your industry partnerships
♦ Already Registered for the EVENT?  Don't worry - you are still eligible

Upon completing applicant form, planner recipients will be chosen based on strict quantifiable criteria structured around their ability to enter business relationships with supplier attendees.  Both of events noted above are for INITIATIVE participants only, and your attendance at both is mandatory.

Who is currently supporting the INITIATIVE?