Gregor Jeffrey – NeuroCommunications Expert
George Kourounis – Royal Canadian Geographical Society Explorer-in-Residence
Sébastien Sasseville – Athlete, Change Management and Leadership Expert, Author
Flavia St. Clair – Meeting Planner and Hospitality Consultant
Adrian Segar – Innovator and Presenter on participant-led event design
Alexis Kereluk, BBA – Partner, ConnectSeven Group
Emma Parston, CMP, BA – Partner, ConnectSeven Group
Trevor Lui
Pierre Pilon
David Adler, CEO and founder, BizBash
Audrey Bernard
Heidi Lasi – Communicarium
Zainab Muse – Wingd
Janet Sperstad
Jennifer Spear, MBA
Julie Gouin, Executive Coach and Partner at Boostalab
Dennis Stever